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Funny Best Friend Quotes to Celebrate Your Friendship

Life is nothing but the sum of all relationships a person has ever had in his/her life. While each relationship is special, most of them have certain boundaries that cannot be crossed. An example of such a boundary is the age barrier. However, there is one relationship where all such barriers do not matter and that is the one you share with your best friend. And there is simply no better way to celebrate this friendship than exchanging some Funny Best Friend Quotes. And there need not be any boundaries when it comes to the kind of Funny Best Friend Quotes you want to share either.

“Together we are so cool that even ice cubes are jealous”; this is simply one of the best Funny Best Friend Quotesever. In a very wonderful and yet funny way, the quote talks about the nature of relationship two best friends share. In a very cheeky way the quote goes on to suggest that when two best pals come together, their combination is second to none. The level of comfort that two best friends share is put out in a delightful way within such Funny Best Friend Quotes.

Yet another gem among Funny Best Friend Quotesis this; “A good friend will bail you out of jail, a best friend will be sitting right beside you in the jail”. The humor in that line is undeniable and if that didn’t tickle your funny bone then pretty much nothing else will. The quote simply states that the best and most enjoyable times are experienced in the company of your best mate. It doesn’t matter if together you do something genuinely enjoyable or even something downright naughty, the fun is what matters. Among Funny Best Friend Quotes, few can match the camaraderie brought out in this quote.

But there is one quote that remains a classic to this day and stands out from the rest of the Funny Best Friend Quotes. It goes; “A best friend is someone who knows you, but loves you anyway”. Not only is that quote funny, but it can also draw a tear of two in the eyes of most people who happen to read it and have had a best buddy in their lives. No other quote brings out the understanding between true friends in the way this one does. So celebrate your friendship with some simple, meaningful and of course Funny Best Friend Quotes.